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Everything starts in the mind!

When we think about ourselves in the future, we create an image of ourselves, this image makes us act and when we follow this action we will become the person we have thought about.


What is your picture of yourself that you see when you close your eyes?


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Power Fit Boxing

Power Fit Boxing is an international outdoor boxing and fitness training for holistic well-being and better performance for more energy in our daily life.

This training is for people with tough mental work who like to balance their stress level with boxing and outdoor fitness without the crowded and boring gym activities.

Power Fit Boxing combine mindset work and the physical condition exercises that you need to become a “champion” of your daily life. We will change your life!

Hi, I’m Robert head coach of Power Fit Boxing and this is my story.

When I was between 19 and 25 I was an amateur boxer and worked full time in a professional kitchen. During this time I learned a lot about mental toughness and how to overcome challenging obstacles under enormous time pressure.

Boxing and fitness gave me the possibility to release the steam and discipline I had built up at work.

I learn what it meant to be focused in the crucial moments and also how to balance stress and emotions through boxing and fitness.

I developed the skills over the years that later in my life helped me as a small business owner as well as in my personal life to overcome obstacles and always improve myself.

I want to share my passion for boxing and fitness with you and give my knowledge and philosophy To you that you develop the physic of your body the same way as you strengthen your mind.

My mission: is to help you become mentally and physically strong and get the body you like to see in the mirror. And maybe you share these skills that you learned here with your people and together we together as PFB-Boxers create step by step a healthier society. 

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Robert Hempel

What do you get here

Boxing with us – 7  Reasons why!

  1. You get a variety of exercises. Not only boxing also body-weight, mobility, and stretching

2. Because we build muscles when we boxing while we burn fat and more confident because we getting stronger – physically and mentally

3. Boxing is cardiovascular training combined with strength training that can help you to boost your immune system and increases your brainpower

4. You’ll learn to be flexible in your mind and body while boxing with us ( you need to adapt fast to different situations, essential for business people)

5. To learn a new skill like boxing also means you train your brain, pushing your comfort zone this helps you to become more and more stress-tolerant

6. We help you with weekly tailored nutrition plans. JUST ASK US – through the different challenges and new skillset that you learn when you start with Power Fit Boxing, you’re building more self-esteem over time because you feel and look stronger, fitter, and healthier

7. You’ll learn fast decision-making – we don’t hesitate. Not to hesitate and acting instead, is a skill we need to learn. That helps us not only in boxing but in any part of life. Especially in business, it is very important to make fast decisions.


Boxing Training

Put the work, in your training, and results will follow.

In the training, we focus on real boxing techniques and combinations. Because build muscles we’ll burn fat and become more confident.

Kick- & Thai Boxing

Here we focus on kicks and knee strikes from kickboxing and Thai boxing technique, as well as punches and blocks. 

Personal Training

Our Personal Training is highly individual for every client. We do analyses what you need and tailor a training plan that fits like a Tom Ford suit to you. We tailor a weekly nutrition plan …


At Power Fit Boxing, we also want you to eat and cook better!  So we said that we help you with tailored meal plans every week and you tell us the food you like and get weekly new meal plans via email.

Strength is key

At Power Fit Boxing we look not only over your right boxing technique we also want that you become not only mentally stronger but also physically. For this, we made a special strength training for Boxers.


Everything starts in the head!
A thought we creating, a conscious thought we recognize, a decision that thought leads us to an action we take to do become someone we had thought about.
What is your picture of yourself that you see in the future when you close your eyes?

What do you get here

Boxing, Fitness, Nutrition & Mindset

Boxing and fitness is the basis of our training but nutrition is the necessary part to build a strong body and mind.


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“A Great Find”

Power Fit Boxing - Barcelona

“Fabulous training & flawless service”

Power Fit Boxing - Barcelona

“Fabulous food & flawless service”

Power Fit Boxing - Barcelona

“Another successful experience”

Power Fit Boxing - Barcelona


Power Fit Boxing - Barcelona

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