Personal Training

“If you live in Barcelona and want a great boxing workout, you have to book this!” -Charlène, Power Fit Boxer

Personal Boxing Training


Book a personal training for the best boxing training regardless of your current boxing experience of fitness level.

Available for men and women!

The 60-minute boxing class is structured to include a brief warm-up, followed by 45 minutes of personal boxing training. We will practice combinations of punches and blocks and proper footwork training.

Each session also includes high-intensity interval training (HIIT) and body-weight strength training to achieve the best fitness results.

When you book a personal training, we will discuss your goals, current fitness level and boxing experience so that I can create the best experience for you.

What to bring:
I provide gloves and pads but feel free to bring your own wraps, gloves, towel and exercise matt. Don’t forget to bring water!

Hours of Operation

Boxing training in Barcelona

MON – FRI 7:30 pm
Mon – Boxing

Wed  – Thaiboxing

Fri – Boxing

SAT 10 am


We are closed

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