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About Us

„If you live in Barcelona and want a great boxing workout, you have to book this!“ – Charlène, power fit boxer

Why Boxing?

Boxing is more than a sport; it’s a mindset.

Boxing will dramatically improve your strength and cardiovascular fitness but above all, it will improve your energy and confidence. Boxing is about a healthy lifestyle, mental acuity and emotional balance.

I started boxing in a small gym in Germany at a difficult time in my life and it helped me build the physical & mental strength I needed to change my life around.

Based on these 17 years of experience in the sport, I’ve created a boxing program that promises to turn anybody, regardless of fitness level or prior experience, into a strong boxer, but above all, into a healthier person.

Originally from Germany, I spent the last few years travelling and training around the world, from China to Guatemala, before settling in Barcelona. My goal is to offer you the best boxing experience in Barcelona.

You can join beginner, intermediate or advanced group classes. For best results, you can also book a private class. My classes also integrate mobility, yoga, and strength training for best overall results.

If you work with me, you will feel stronger, healthier and more energetic.



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Training H0urs

Tuesday-Thursday intermediate: 7pm - 8:15pm

Wednesday Beginners: 7pm - 8:15pm

Thursday Beginners: 8:30pm - 9:45pm



R. Hempel

phone (34) 615732983